Mediterranean dine-in and takeway in Cowes, Victoria.

Lunch/ Dinner



Turkish Flatbread, spiced lamb, green salad, and yoghurt tahini.


Turkish flatbread, slow cooked beef chuck, mustard, pickles, and BBQ sauce


Turkish flatbread, spiced chicken, green salad, and tzatziki


From the Oven

Spicy chicken curry, basmati rice, and yoghurt. $18 GF
Slow cooked lamb shoulder, green salad, and almond tarator (for 2) $44 GF


Fried calamari, beetroot tzatziki, and parsley. $17
Pickled octopus, green fava beans puree, tomato, and onion salsa. $22 GF
Grilled fish of the day, cauliflower cous cous, taramasalata, and lemon. $28


Smoked eggplant and feta dip served with bread. $7
Australian salmon roe dip served with bread. $8
Green fava bean dip served with bread. $7
Tzatziki-cucumber, yogurt, garlic, olive oil dip served with bread $7


Fried battered cauliflower with turmeric aioli and chilli. $10
Kefalograviera cheese, apricots, and walnut. $15 GF
Banana peppers stuffed with cauliflower, eggplant, tomato, feta, and dill. $15 GF
Roasted pumpkin, pomegranate, spring onion, feta, walnuts and sumac served on toast. $15 VG Option

Salads and Sides

Beer battered chips with turmeric aioli. $7
Mixed greens salad $8 GF, VG
Lentil and rice salad with fried onions, currants, herbs, and yoghurt $8 GF
Posh chips - crunchy chips with grana padano, Truffle oil & aioli. $8

Chef's Special

Chef’s selection menu for groups of two and over. $49 p/h

Coffee and Desserts

Dark chocolate mousse with baileys and mascarpone cheese $10
Vanilla ice cream with edible rose petals (2 scoops) $8
Coffee $4
Milk $4

Contact us

69B, Chapel Street, Cowes, Vic 2922

Opening Hours

All days 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM